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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It’s time to put the past behind me …

The pictures kept my memories of summer 2010 from fading but unlike memories, you can select the photos you like best and click delete for the rest - so you might notice a few little changes. It’s time to put the past behind me. It’s time to move on, so I’ve picked my favorite pictures from last summer's tour and saved them in a corner just to remind me. (See Memories of 2010 on the side bar)

Summer 2010 - it was my first solo, long distance tour and it will always be special. It was my trip for Emily and Alexa, for Rachel and for myself – I wanted to let them know that girls can ride motorcycles, girls can do anything. I wanted to prove to myself, what my father and mother always believed of me - I could do anything I set my mind to. This year I want to inspire little girls and big girls, young girls and old gals – I want to let them see, girls are strong. This year I’d also like to ride for Jan. Jan, you are strong and you can do it.

Jan is a friend and colleague who is facing a very tough journey, a battle against cancer for the second time. Hers is a journey with no fun or excitement but must be a journey of hope. Keep your chin up Gal – you can do it. My thoughts are with you.

I leave in 4 sleeps … going west (I kept hearing that little voice say, “go west old woman, go west …” so I am). I hope you’ll follow along and along with me I hope you send your best thoughts to Jan and all those who are facing the challenge.


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