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Thursday, July 7, 2011

DP Brakes introduces new race pad

From DP Brakes

BUFFALO, NY - DP Brakes, the pioneer and longtime industry leader in sintered metal braking technology has introduced a brand new race pad, the RDP X-Race Titanium. The pad is a high friction front brake pad designed for the rigors of racing. The pad enables riders to brake later and achieve a high degree of control. 

“We have achieved these new levels of racing performance while maintaining our traditional DP Brake pad qualities of quick bed in, quiet performance, and dust free riding," said DP Brakes North America president Larry Mills. "These pads, like all DP Brake pads are also non-abusive to the rotors.

“The RDP X-Race Titanium is a true example of cutting edge motorcycle brake pad engineering. The molecular structure of a carbon additive was changed, which enabled a smooth transfer film to be promoted between pad and rotor. To bind this new material we added a Titanium compound which also increased the effective friction level.”

Mills also said that the new pad will be available for the most popular bikes.

For more information on the new RDP X-Race Titanium pad, or the complete line-up of DP Brakes brake pads, shoes, rotors and clutch kits, contact DP Brakes North American Headquarters/Tony Mills International Inc. at 4401 Walden Avenue, Lancaster, NY 14086, (716) 681-8806, e-mail, or visit DP Brakes on the web at


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