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Thursday, July 14, 2011


$24,900 to $37,400
Engine type: ohv V-Twin
Displacement: 1639/1868cc
Carburetion: S&S Super E/EFI
Transmission speeds: 5/6
Final drive: chain/belt
Front brake: disc/dual disc
Rear brake: disc
Wheelbase: 76.0 to 88.0 in.
Seat height: 20.0 to 24.0 in.
Fuel capacity: 3.3 to 5.9 gal.

Big Bear offers an extensive line of choppers and customs ranging from the top-of-the-line Paradox to the “entry-level” Screamin Demon, with seven other models in between, all in a wide choice of colors and options. A carbureted S&S 100-inch Evo-style engine is standard; fuel-injection is available on higher-end models. The Paradox can be equipped with a 114-inch S&S X-Wedge V-Twin; every model but the Paradox is available as an unassembled, much-less-costly kit bike.

$37,400 to $40,900
Engine type: ohv V-Twin
Displacement: 1639.186 8cc
Carburetion: EFI
Transmission speeds: 6
Final drive: belt
Front brake: dual disc
Rear brake: disc
Wneelbase: 85.0 in.
Seat height: 25.5 In.
Fuel capacity: 5.1 gal.
Claimed dry weight: 850 lb.

Originally builders of just choppers and customs, Big Bear has branched out into the touring realm with the long, low and wildly styled GTX. It has a whopping 85-inch wneelbase, a full-coverage fairing with dual headlights, a kicked-out 36-degree rake and seating that places both rider and passenger between the wheels and exceptionally close to the ground. Power is by S&S, with a 100-inch Evo-style motor standard and a 114-inch X-Wedge optional. The rear ends of the streamlined, large-volume saddlebags house the taillights. Also available: The GTX. the very same machine minus the fairing.


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