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Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Triumph Motorcycles (British brand) Launch its Bikes in India

British motorcycle brand, Triumph will soon enter India with a wide range of it’s motorcycles. Triumph motorcycles is speculated to enter India through the CBU route by which it will import fully built motorcycles into India for retail sale.

The British brand which went under more than a couple of decades ago was rescued by British construction magnate, John Bloor, under whose aegis the brand went from strength to strength, with a great product portfolio, that is a delightful mix of both cutting edge as well as retro vintage. the heritage of the brand was retained in some models like the Bonneville while new products like the 675 Triple created brand new market segments.

Coming back to Triumph’s India foray, although details about the range of motorcycles that Triumph will bring into India remains unknown for the moment, expect most motorcycles to displace 800cc and above as this is the mandatory engine capacity that can be brought into the country as CBU without the hassles of the lengthy homologation process. So, that makes the Triumph 675 triple a doubtful starter for India.


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