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Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Toyota Etios Liva will launched in India; Toyota Etios Liva Price, Specification and Feature

The 2011 Toyota Etios Liva will be launched on the 27th of June with a petrol variant initially. With that, the long wait for the first Toyota hatchback in the country will come to an end as prospective buyers will be able to drive out their Etios Livas out of Toyota showrooms sometime by the end of July, when deliveries of the Liva are expected to commence. 

One of the most anticipated hatchbacks of 2011, the Etios Liva is expected to be a price warrior just like it’s sedan sibling and will be Toyota’s main volume puller in the Indian car market. That said, the Etios Liva will have a tough road to traverse initially as petrol car sales aren’t exactly doing well at the moment with the high fuel prices and high interest rates causing a slowdown in car sales across segments in India over the past couple of months.

Toyota will be hoping for it’s brand value to carry it thorough for the Etios Liva to get a decent start in India before the real sales booster arrives in the form of the diesel variant. The Etios Liva will feature a 1.2 Liter petrol engine producing 80 Bhp, which allied to the very light weight of the car should ensure that the Etios Liva will be peppy as well as frugal, just like it’s sedan sibling.

A bummer however are the interiors of the Etios Liva, which are exactly the same as the Etios Sedan which though hard wearing simply don’t feel premium enough. The price of the Etios Liva is expected to begin at around 4 Lakhs with the variants speculated to be exactly the same as that of the Etios Sedan. So expect a good level of kit with plenty of options to choose from for the customer. So, the low price with decent levels equipment could be one of the major USPs of the Etios Liva.


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