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Friday, June 3, 2011

When Suzuki Cervo will Launch in India ?

October 2011 is when Maruti will launch the Cervo in India at a price close to that of the Alto.

The main highlight of the Cervo is expected to be the high fuel efficiency if offers. In Japan, the Cervo sells with a 654cc, 54 Bhp engine capable off delivering 23 Kmpl. With the sky rocketing prices of petrol, the Cervo’s high fuel efficiency could just be what the market needs at this time and Maruti might very well have a winner on it’s hands if it can manage to sell the Cervo at a price close to the Maruti Alto while offering a high fuel economy figure.

While there have been plenty of rumors circulating about the Suzuki Cervo being positioned as a rival to the Low Cost Tata Nano, the features that the Cervo comes with seems to dispel that notion. In the Japanese market, the Cervo, was sold with features like a power steering,  leather interiors and keyless entry.

So, from the spec sheet, the Cervo seems more like an upmarket hatchback rather than a frugal, stripped out price warrior like the Tata Nano. what remains to be seen is where exactly Maruti will position the Suzuki Cervo in it’s burgeoning small car portfolio. Will the Cervo sit above the Maruti Alto, just below the A-Star or will the Cervo be positioned lower than the Maruti Alto. By the looks of it, the former seems more likely. So, October 2011 it could be when yet another small car from Maruti drives into India.


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