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Friday, June 10, 2011

Skoda Octavia vRS 10th anniversary special edition launch in Bonneville Speed Week

Czech automaker Skoda Auto has revealed a special one-off vRS to mark the 10th anniversary of the vRs brand. It is a fire breathing monster that will take on production cars from all over the world at this years Bonneville Speed Week. The Skoda Octavia vRS will aim to breach the 200 mph barrier at this years event on the salt flats of Utah. The car has been developed at built by Skoda’s technical team in the UK.

The Skoda Octavia vRS will be entered into the Bonneville Speed Week which will be held between August 13 and 20. The car employs a standard 2.0 litre four cylinder TSI engine which has been spruced up with a specially designed Garret turbocharger.The turbochargers provides 26-28 PSI of boost pressure taking the power up by 390 bhp to a mind-boggling 590 bhp.
Now, thats a lot of power considering the fact that its a Skoda. Torque has gone up by 170 lb-ft over the standard car.  Skoda says, the car “Generates up to 590bhp, and produces 26-28 PSI of boost pressure, it drinks high-octane race fuel.” Skoda is aiming to breach the 200 mph barrier with this unique creation. Apart from the sheer spike in power and torque the car has had to undergo certain modification to run on the salt flats at speeds certainly no Skoda in the world will dare to nudge.

The car sits lower to the ground than the standard Octavia vRS, 80 mm closer to be precise. Other vital components on the land speed record busting machine include a reinforced roll cage, a parachute to slow the car down, fire extinguishers for obvious reasons and a window cage as well as an intercooler specially modified for doing high speed runs over the nine mile straight at Bonneville in Utah, USA.


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