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Friday, June 3, 2011

Now Tata Nano Available in Sri Lanka; What is the Price of Tata Nano in Sri Lanka

The lowest priced car it may be in India but the folks across the Straits of Mannar will have to pay almost triple for what was conceived as a low coast means of transportation. That’s right, the Tata Nano’s export to Sri Lanka has just commenced with the car retailing from prices between LKR 9.25 lakh (about INR 3.8 lakh) and LKR 11 lakh (over INR 4.5 lakh). While this comes as a sharp contrast in India prices of the Nano, which from INR 1.4-1.97 Lakhs, this is the price our friends from Sri Lanka have to pay due to the high duties levied by the Sri Lankan government on car imports. 

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC(DIMO), a long time Tata vehicle importer, is the Lankan firm which will be importing and selling the Nanos in Sri Lanka. With Sri Lanka being the first export destination for the Tata Nano, many more countries are said to be on Tata Motors’ list as the Nano’s low cost underpinnings could prove to be a highly effective tool for emerging countries like those in Africa and South Asia where cars still remain a luxury rather than a basic means of mobility. In the process, Ratan Tata’s vision of making the Nano a modern day people’s car, a-la-the Volkswagen Beetle would also be realized.

Needless to say, more Nanos exported from India means more jobs for Indians and more foreign exchange for the country. The Tata Nano meanwhile, will also be arriving in diesel guise in 2012 and with a 40 KMPL mileage figure that the Diesel Nano is expected to deliver, the car could become just the right solution for many who now are stepping back from taking the plunge into four wheeler personal mobility due to the high petrol prices. Also on the anvil are many more variants of the Nano, all targeted primarily for city buyers. A CVT version of the Nano is in the works and so is an electric variant. Also, Tata could usher in the start-stop technology for the Tata Nano as a fuel saving feature.


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