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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Tata Nano Come with more Safety Measure & Fire Proof Body

Just yesterday, yet another Tata Nano went up in flames in a debilitating incident of sorts that could potentially botch Tata Motors’ efforts to project the Tata Nano as a safe car that car buyers could buy without apprehension. While the reason for the particular Tata Nano catching fire remains unknown as the result of any investigation into this matter remains unavailable currently, our reliable sources have given us some exclusive dope about design improvements being made to the Tata Nano to ensure that the fiery problem of Nanos going up in flames is eliminated once and for all. 

First of all, the engine located at the rear of the Nano means compromised cooling though the engine happens to be a liquid cooled one. So, in the future, don’t be surprised to the Diesel and CVT version of the Tata Nano coming with a brand new radiator design which could even be located up front. Apparently, the rear engine design, though was vetoed by a few Tata Motors engineers for the lack of adequate cooling was finalized at the behest of a certain top Tata honcho(whom we won’t name for now) who, despite not having a solid engineering reasoning behind the move wanted the Nano’s engine to be located at the rear.

Jumping straight into a few more revelations, we’ll tell you one major reason why Nanos have been catching fire. The higher engine heat working in tandem with poor shielding at the floor of the rear seat has resulted in the risk of fire increasing many fold. More so, since the extreme heat radiated from the Nanos exhaust has been causing the cotton like seat material catching fire, leading to many a fiery Nano burnout. Inexplicably, the exhaust generating a high 800 Degrees Celsius had been placed next to the Nano’s floor without adequate heat shielding.

Tata Motors addressed this very issue  by a total Nano recall where heat shielding material was used between the Nano’s rear seat floor and the exhaust to ensure that Nanos don’t go up in flames. The exact details of what the Tata authorized workshops did to make the Nano fire proof were never revealed to the Nano owner but we have managed to unearth what exactly Tata did to fix the fire issue in the previous batch of the Nanos. Now, all the new Tata Nano come with the heat shielding material between the rear seat floor and the exhaust thus preventing the Nano from catching fire. So, you can rest assured if you’re an existing Nano owner.

Going forward, Tata Motors has been working on another major fix which will ensure that the fire issue in the Tata Nano is eliminated once and for all. Test mules of the Tata Nano with a new rear bumper design are doing the rounds in and around the Tata Motors plant off Pune. The new bumper comes with a brand new design including a cut out to ensure that the heat generated by the engine and exhaust has plenty of space to escape. Apart from this one very important detail that Tata Motors is working on to ensure that all Nanos are fire proof, we have no other details at the moment.

Meanwhile, we’re in close contact with our trusted sources to uncover more about the Nanos fire fix that Tata is readying up. All said and done, Tata Motors is indeed working very hard to find a permanent fix the fire problem of the Tata Nano and in due course of time, the new bumper design on the Nano will be incorporated on all new Nanos. At this moment, it remains unclear whether the new rear bumper of the Nano can be retrofitted on existing Nano models. That said, Tata could make the new rear bumper accessible to existing Nano owners as a retrofit in order to bolster the Nano’s image as a fire proof car safe for many more miles of happy motoring.


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