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Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Bikes from Hero MotoCorp (previous Hero Honda)

Following the name change, the first new product that Hero MotoCorp will launch is an on-off road motorcycle displacing about 180cc, spawning an all new segment in the Indian motorcycle market. Along with the 180cc dirt bike, our sources reveal that Hero MotoCorp will also focus on it’s roots, the bread’n'butter economuter motorcycle segment, from where the real volumes come from and what has made Hero the force that it has come to be.

Recently, Hero acquired the rights to manufacture the latest 110cc four stroke engine from Honda, the same one which is found on Honda’s economuter offering, the Honda CB Twister. This engine, represents a tectonic shift for Hero, which has for long been using the horizontally inclined 97.2cc four stroke engine design that was designed by the legendary Soichiro Honda way back in the 1960s. Now, the market has began to demand more power and torque along with higher fuel economy even from commuter motorcycles.

Therefore, Hero MotoCorp has obtained the license to manufacture the 110cc four stroke engine and use it on a Hero MotoCorp product in the second half of 2011. The other motorcycle Hero MotoCorp will introduce in the market will be a 125cc motorcycle, that will sit in the executive segment to rival the likes of the Honda Shine and the Suzuki Slingshot.  This move from Hero MotoCorp comes due to the dismal performance of the Glamour 125, whose sales haven’t picked up to Hero’s high standards despite the recent refresh.

So, expect to see three new motorcycles from Hero MotoCorp and from the looks of it, Hero MotoCorp looks like it will continue to be the market leader for a couple of more seasons at least as the smaller capacity motorcycles continue to be in demand spurred more by the recent fuel price hike.


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