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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hyundai H800 Small Car can be Launch in Coming Months

Hyundai India might ring in smallest car in India yet, the H800 codenamed small car. Instead of seeing a launch sometime in 2012, the small car could see a launch in the next few months. The recent spurt of spottings of the H800 found testing in and around Chennai also adds credence to this theory of Hyundai trying to wrap up testing on a priority so that it can launch the small car as soon as possible. Hyundai officials in a statement have gone on record saying that the Hyundai small car will be a class leader in terms of both fuel economy and outright performance. Here’s an official statement from Hyundai India’s Arvind Saxena.
We are working on a product that would be best packaged to offer highest fuel efficiency and power in its class
Perhaps, Hyundai India will outfit the H800 with a three pot, 800cc engine with some trickery like variable valve technology in order to achieve the “class leading” power and mileage figures as the new range of petrol engines like the K-Series engines from Maruti have demonstrated that even petrol engines can deliver excellent fuel economy with lower friction between engine components and variable valve technology. Meanwhile, let’s hope that Hyundai also brings out the LPG dual fuel option for the H800 as LPG is one way to off set the higher costs of petrol as the entry level car buyer prioritizes fuel economy over power.


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