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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Husqvarna’s 900cc Parallel Twin Motorcycle Images; BMW Motorrad in India

BMW owns Husqvarna now and BMW Motorrad is eager to set shop in India. That said, BMW Motorrad’s motorcycles will be priced pretty high for most Indian motorcycle enthusiasts except the very well heeled ones. So, volumes isn’t what BMW Motorrad will get from the Indian market, not with their existing range of motorcycles anyway.

But, even as we first heard about Husqvarna borrowing BMW F800′s 800cc parallel twin and going big bore to build a 900cc parallel twin for use in Husqvarna’s latest 900cc road going naked motorcycle. Now, that opens up a wide range of possibility, at least for some speculation that is. Husqvarna’s has leaked a bunch of images of it’s 900cc street bike, in the build up to EICMA 2012, where the motorcycle will be officially unveiled.

From the images, the motorcycle appears like a super moto motorcycle that could indulge in some touring as well due to it’s high ground clearance and the upright riding position. Now, why shouldn’t BMW Motorrad bring the Husqvarna to India, and price it somewhere at the entry level Harley mark.

This, even as the motorcycle touring culture in India is just about to take off in a big way, now that we have the Honda CBR250R and the Kawasaki Ninja 650R selling in India for very competitive prices. Perhaps, Husqvarna could be what the Rotax powered BMW F650 could never be for BMW in India, a solid entry level offering to know what the brand is all about.

While we think that the BMW Motorrad brand in India could definitely do with a entry level offering at about INR 6-8 Lakhs, all of this remains mere speculation at the moment. Let us hope that someone at BMW Motorrad realises the huge opportunity they can have if they bring in the Husky 900 as BMW’s entry level offering into India and price it very competitively


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