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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garware Motors will launch Hyosung 250cc to 400cc super bikes in India next year

Come 2012, Garware Hyosung will launch three new motorcycles with capacities ranging from 250cc to 400cc to drive volumes in the Indian sports motorcycle segment.

Currently Garware-Hyosung sells two motorcycles in India

  • 650cc Hyosung GT650R sportsbike
  • 700cc Hyosung ST7 Cruiser

Both these motorcycles have received a good response from the market although the Hyosung GT650R seems to be in a spot of bother with Bajaj Auto launching the Kawasaki Ninja 650R at a killer ex-showroom price tag of 4.57 Lakh Rupees, which makes the Hyosung GT650R overpriced considering the minimal brand recall and brand value Hyosung enjoys in comparison to Kawasaki.

While one 250cc motorcycle could be smaller version of the Hyosung GT650R, in the form of the GT250R, we’re wondering what exactly the other 250cc and 400cc motorcycle could be considering the fact that Hyosung doesn’t have any other 250cc motorcycle in it’s global portfolio currently, apart from the naked version of the Hyosung GT250R. Previously, Hyosung made it’s Indian entry with the erstwhile Kinetic Engineering Limited with the Hyosung Aquila 250 Cruiser and we’re thinking that we could see a reprise of this in the Indian market in 2012, when Hyosung could relaunch a 250cc cruiser to join the ST7.

On the other hand, the naked Hyosung GT250 makes a lot of sense considering the fact that the naked version of the Hyosung GT650R, the GT650 is due later this year. Coming to the 400cc motorcycle, the last motorcycle that Hyosung build with this capacity was an on-off road motorcycle, the Hyosung XRX400 enduro motorcycle. This 400cc enduro came with a 400cc single cylinder four stroke engine. Considering the limited potential of an enduro style motorcycle in the Indian market, we’re not too sure whether this motorcycle is what Hyosung will bring into India come 2012 or some other motorcycle with a multi-cylinder engine displacing 400cc.


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