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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Formula 1 Postponed in India and reach in Bahrain on 30th Oct., 2011

The World Motor Sports Council (WMSC) has finally decided the fate of this years Bahrain Formula 1 grand prix. The council members today met at Barcelona and gave the green light for Bahrain to host the race on 30th of October, 2011. This means the inaugural Indian grand prix now stands postponed however, the final date has yet to be declared.
“Following a fact-finding mission undertaken at the request of FIA President Jean Todt, FIA Vice President Carlos Gracia visited Bahrain on 31 May 2011 to assess the situation in the country,” read an FIA statement.
The FIA has decided to hold the Bahrain round in place of India while the very first race on the brand new Buddh International Racing circuit in India will host Formula 1 one could be held at the end of the season. Most of our readers will be disappointed but, hey, imagine if this years championship goes down to the wire like the 2010 championship which was decided during the final grand prix of the season at Abu Dhabi.

The reinstatement of Bahrain comes after a massive support voiced by the Government for the F1 to take place in country. Opposition groups in the region also support the race and think the sport could bridge gaps between its people and unite them over a weekend dedicated for speed and precision. With India hosting the closing race of the season, FIA’s Annual General Assembly and Prize-Giving Gala will also be held in the country.

The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) welcomed the decision of the WMSC. Zayed R. Alzayani, chairman of the BIC said that his country has had been going through a difficult time but the now situation has calmed down. Businesses have opened and the the State of National Safety lifted. It has been a wise decision considering the stake holders, fans and the economic boost the event generates for the nations economy.


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