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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ferrari Showroom in New Delhi, India; Ferrari First dealership in India

The inauguration of Ferrari's first showroom in India at Janpath was held today in New Delhi. This launch seems to be significant and special one as its an official entry of Ferrari in India, a nation widely known for its love extrinsic cars. The sports car lovers are looking forward to see the key models from the fleet of Ferrari cars today on the showrooms. In today's event all the speculations about the price and waiting periods are come to an end as company is going to uncover the Ferrari prices and how much more time company take to deliver all the models. The New Delhi's showroom of Ferrari which is situated in Janpath was built in a duration of 90 days. It covers an area of 5K sq.ft. to display its three models. Company is planning to start Mumbai outlet in early 2012. Ferrari India is targeting to achieve the three figure sales in the coming three years. Researches has been done by the company to open additional outlets in other cities but other cities may get a dealership based on demand.

Ferrari is hunting for the right partner in India to launch its entire range this could be taken as the main reason for the deferred entry of the Ferrari cars in India. Ferrari will cultivate the customers with their brand value which have all features for which customer is looking, company gives no time to customer to study other cars and make decision. Ferrari cars are known for its racing, technology and exclusivity.

A 97 Octane gasoline engine with its higher compression ratio is being bring into play in Ferrari cars to run on the Indian roads. Entire range is available and booking commence immediately, delivery will however take from 3-12 months depending on model and its customization level. After every 10,000Km or once in a year company provides service to the Ferrari car owners. These intervals are termed as long intervals compared to service intervals provided by the other car company. As per the prices of Ferrari is taken into account Ferrari comes with a price tag of 2.57 crore, Ferrari California Price Rs. 2.22 crore and Ferrari's flagship - the FF is priced at Rs 3.41 crore. People of China, one of the largest market of Ferrari and Indians turned on equally for Ferrari cars.


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