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Friday, June 24, 2011

By 2014 hydrogen fuel cars may be ready for roads said Mercedes Benz

Hydrogen fuel cells were once a part of science fiction stories and were thought to be the future of automobiles. Slowly, as technology caught up Mercedes Benz embarked on a quest to tame Hydrogen which is the most abundant element of the Universe. Now, the German automaker says, that Hydrogen F-Cell vehicles will be here by 2014. Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche is optimistic about the developments that have been taking place and believes, the cars will be on roads in a couple of years.

Mercedes Benz has been testing its F-Cell powered B-Class hatchback lately. The company also completed a round trip around the globe in a hydrogen fuel cell powered car recently. In the real world, this technology still needs to catch up as the infrastructure required for storing hydrogen is scarce. California, USA is one of the states which has got hydrogen filling stations. Secondly, the manufacturing costs of hydrogen fuel cells are still high but, Mercedes Benz believes the technology is now ready for mass production and the costs could reduce over time.

Daimler boss believes that the car will be ready for production by 2014 and later on in a few years time the costs of production could come down even further. The automaker thinks that over a period of time hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be available at the cost of diesel-hybrids that have only recently been introduced in production cars. With mass-production the technology could also be viable in certain markets of the world by 2014. Honda is the other automaker that has been involved with the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

General Motors has also been testing the Chevrolet Equinox crossover with a similar fuel source. All said, the hydrogen fuel cell technology would one day become viable and could become the fuel source for all future vehicles. The advantages of this are immense as the bi-product is just water vapour. Thus, it is one of the cleanest technology available today and could bring around a revolutionary change in the cars we drive.


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