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Sunday, July 10, 2011

BMW R 1 200GS

2006The dream of the R1200GS will be achieved!

A cross with spoke wheels, alarm, handle heating, Teilintegralem and Seitenkoffern ABS-equipped BMW R1200GS may I have my own in March 2006. Meanwhile, I have GIVI of a bridge mounted luggage, so I top-case can continue. Otherwise nearly perfect on motorcycle no change or amendment be made.

At the beginning of the problem plagued me that after 14 days the battery life was empty and I had Töff each bridge. Unfortunately invited the battery even at 3-4 hour tour not so far out that the motorcycle then trouble started. The problem was, however, by a BMW dealer with a larger battery fixed. The same dealer tried several times - unfortunately in vain - the rattling at the front window to resolve. This was a problem, which is probably only a kit with a third party to resolve it ....
After x-tem visit, it was stupid to me and I was looking for the company Hobi-Motos in Winterthur. It was then explained to me that several spacers were missing. From that moment it was finished with the klappernden windscreen.

Meanwhile, I was the GS 8'500 km already completed the sale and since I had my VFR750F never more so joy of motorcycling!

I am sure that I am the GS still many wonderful hours on the motorcycle gift.


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